15c BOOKTRADE team come to Rylands

On Tuesday 2nd June we were delighted to host Cristina Dondi and her 15c Booktrade Project team to the Rylands together with Laura Nuovolini from Cambridge University Library for a curatorial tour of the Merchants of Print exhibition followed by a close-up session during which we are able to look at other selected Aldines which didn’t find their way into the permanent show.IMG_4249 Much discussion was had concerning the scope of their 5-year ERC project which is seeking to add further to the CERL MEI database (Material Evidence in Incunabula) in collating information on the distribution, circulation, and price of incunable texts. In turn they asked us many questions about our work on parchment and species identification and the challenges of collecting and making sense of such data concerning the material substrate for print. IMG_4255 Luckily ample time remained to also examine a number of Aldines in close up as well as the Rylands copy of Jenson’s Pliny and Earl Spencer’s Aldine notebook in which he carefully entered each purchase. IMG_4256 We look forward to more meetings and discussions with the team and thank them all for making the trip from Oxford, London and Venice.

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