Merchants of Print: Curator tour Friday 13th March


Join the curators to discover more about Aldus Manutius, the journeys his books have taken over 500 years and how the books found their final home at The John Rylands Library. There will be an opportunity to see other books from this amazing collection that didn’t make it into the exhibition.

Friday 13th March at 2.00pm

Numbers are limited so please contact us at or 0161 306 0555 to sign up


One response to “Merchants of Print: Curator tour Friday 13th March

  1. Wish I could join you, but I live in Florence, Italy. Oh well, I really hope to get to your library and see the exhibition. I’m a retired director of Special Collections at the University of Nevada, Reno library in the U.S. I’m very interested in the history of printing and am giving a series of talks here in Florence on the history of Italian printing (very basic). My talk earlier this week included Aldus, so I’m anxious to see your exhibition and at the same time do some research in your fantastic collection. Cheers — Bob

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