1501: Rudimenta Grammatices Latinae Linguae, Spencer 7661

With the publication of this Grammar of Latin, Aldus wanted to highlight the fundamental place the knowledge of classical authors has in the general education of a pupil. In his opinion it is necessary to have a familiarity with the fundamentals of the classical languages in order to have a complete education.

Opening text, fol. a1r

Opening text, fol. a1r

This edition is published in quarto format, which Manutius reserved for the textbooks of his time and although the main focus of the book is Latin grammar there are also other sections which focus on Hebrew and Greek, with comprehensive appendices on their constituent elements. For example, Introductio per breuis ad hebraicam linguam, designed to introduce the alphabet and basic notions of the Hebraic language in order to read and understand the Holy Scriptures.

This grammar is also an interesting publication because it offers an overview of Aldus’ interests and his outlook on life, with fragments of religious texts and prayers and messages of encouragement to teachers and students.

This grammar became very popular, being reprinted three times (in 1508, 1514 and 1523) during the sixteenth century.

Text with Hebrew, fol. [o]1v-[o]2r

Text with Hebrew, fol. [o]1v-[o]2r

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